"Summer Body"

"Summer Body"

What if I told you that you can obtain your “summer body” in just 2 quick steps?! Yup, you heard that right. The two fastest steps to achieve your summer body. But before we get to that, can we unpack this phrase a little bit? 

I have been flooded with instagram dieting posts, supplement advertising, green powders, ozempic, all claiming to help you get your “summer body” ready.. Like......hello? Since when did we need to make sudden changes to our body to accommodate a season? 

I feel like we all have this image of a “hot girl” with a flat stomach, soft-abs and a thigh gap that we perhaps saw in a curated instagram beach photo. But my question is, do we really believe that is a reality? And furthermore, why do we see HER figure as the gold standard that we all need to copy and achieve. What is wrong with the gal with a thicker build, muscle and some cellulite? Your probably saying to yourself, “well, because it looks more attractive!”. However, the reason we see that and say things like that is because we don’t know any better. We have been trained for years and generations to believe that there is only one body that is acceptable - the skinny and toned one. And the scary part is, we don’t even realize it. I mean, no shit body dysmorphia affects 50% of women. Despite the fact that we are all born with different genes, bones, lengths and widths, we neglect to accept our own normals and try to manipulate ourselves otherwise because diet culture has told us to. It is an epidemic. 

I mean, if the hot instagram girl truly is the Gold standard, should we dye our hair the same color as her? Buy the same sunglasses? Tan our skin to achieve the same skin color? It’s all the same concept. We neglect to acknowledge the strong plausibility that “hot girl” photo might have been sucking in, flexing her abs, posing in a flattering manner, manipulating the lighting and plenty of other things to achieve that 5 seconds of perfection. That’s why Adobe has a net-worth of $239 billion - photoshop works and works well! 

To dive in a bit deeper, I want to go ahead and list the top 3 “imperfections” I hear about non-worthy summer bodies. I’m also gonna shed some light on why these imperfections are completely NECESSARY, let alone normal. 

  1. The FUPA - The notorious little bit of belly that sticks out right over your bikini bottom trim. We think it is DISGUSTING, FAT, ILLEGAL and has to go, right? Wrong. If we are so obsessed with our female bodies, we should know we were born with a uterus. Yes, that organ that naturally exists within us helps us bear children. It is literally and divinely designed to stick out. In other words, you are NOT supposed to be flat. Maybe some people are, and that’s okay. They could have a smaller frame and a different build. But, there are no more attractive and YOU should not be trying to rid of what’s natural and healthy in your own body.
  2. Cellulite - aka the “cottage cheese” that hangs on our ass. Did you know that 95% of women have it? Talk about keeping up the standard. Honey, cellulite IS the standard. It’s not there because you are “too fat.” It’s there partially because of hormones, puberty and the natural “filling out” that happens when we transition from a little girl to a woman. We

all fucking have it. And if photo doesn’t show it, then it was probably digitally 

manipulated. Trust me, I know.
3. Kissing thighs - Everyone aspires to have an inner thigh gap, and if we don’t, we think 

need to lose weight. We grow. We develop. Our bodies fill out. These vessels bear children. We are designed to change over time. Touching thighs are normal and should not be condemned. 

The point I’m trying to make, is that an “acceptable body” is not one in which we need to manipulate our habits to achieve a certain size. An acceptable body IS one that naturally exists amongst nourishing, nutritious eating habits and mindful movement. 

Now, I promised I would share my personal two-step tool to get a bikini body. And I can assure you it’s the best method yet. No green powders. No tummy tucks. No Lipo. No starvation. No juice cleanses. No Ozempic (Good Lord). Nicole’s method to achieving a bikini body is the simplest and most effective way.. Are you ready? Here are your two steps. 

Step 1: Take off your clothes. Step 2: Put on a bikini 

Voila and Congrats! You’ve successfully and quite literally achieved your unique and beautiful bikini body. Love it, embrace it, enjoy it, and WORK IT. 

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