About Us

Ignite Bars was created in an effort to make healthy snacking fun and promote positive food mindsets! Our most important core value is nutrition without restriction. We strongly believe that the snacks we eat should provide the body with optimal nutrition, while also being delicious and enjoyable to eat! 

1. Taste: Ignite Bars taste like a true indulgence. They will remind you of your favorite crunchy cereal bar or a sweet crispy treat with genuinely irresistible flavor and no fake aftertaste. 

2. Texture: Entirely unique to the market, Ignite Bars are crispy, crunchy, light and fun to bite into. Our crunchy texture is a beautiful complement to the delicious flavor. 

3. Nutrition: Ignite Bars contain 16g of complete protein, prebiotic fiber for good gut bacteria, and a variety of hard-to-find micronutrients from superfood ingredients. They are also low carb and low-sugar so there is no crash-and-burn!

 If you want to know about us please contact us:-

Email: support@ignitebars.com

Phone: +1 (603) 247-2048

Address:- 280 Heritage Avenue, I, Portsmouth New Hampshire 03801, United States