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Caramel Almond Sea Salt Protein Crispy Treat

Caramel Almond Sea Salt Protein Crispy Treat

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Are you looking for a delicious protein-packed sweet treat that takes you back to childhood? Ignite Bars present our Caramel Almond Sea Salt Bar, made of superfood ingredients like coconut, chia, and almonds. This low carb energy bar is crunchy, tasty, rich in protein, and the perfect solution for all your hunger pangs. They are low-sugar, keto-friendly and the preferred snacks of adults and kids alike.

Caramel Almond Sea Salt is a crispy bar filled with peanut butter, which not only adds to its deliciousness but also fuels you for longer. The bars contain prebiotic fiber for digestive support and help fill your tummy quickly. Have it with your morning coffee to enjoy a wholesome breakfast. Our customers say it tastes like waffles and syrup and enjoy it a sweet, indulgent replacement to their morning coffee treat. You can also add it to yogurt with fruit for a crispy and protein-packed topping.

*Allulose is a sweetener that has no impact on blood sugar and is derived directly from plants. If you are carb counting, you subtract fiber AND the amount of allulose in this bar to get your net carbs. (For Example, a bar with 26g carbs - 16g fiber - 8g allulose = 2g net carbs).

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