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Ignite Bars

Dark Chocolate Protein Crispy Treat

Dark Chocolate Protein Crispy Treat

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All Products Come In Packs of 6, 9, Or 12 Bars!

If you love chocolate but want to avoid the insane amounts of sugar in most chocolate protein bars, our Keto-Friendly salted chocolate sunflower bar is the right choice for you. This crunchy superfood bar is made with a peanut butter-chocolate base and packs essential protein for your body while also satiating your sweet tooth.

Like all Ignite Bars, this one has a lovely crunchy crisp which complements richness of the dark chocolate. It also contains sunflower seeds give you an instant boost of protein, energy and micronutrients. Additionally, they are gluten free and aid prebiotic digestion. Our customer love it with their morning coffee, as a pre/post workout treat or an evening low-sugar dessert!

*Allulose is a sweetener that has no impact on blood sugar and is derived directly from plants. If you are carb counting, you subtract fiber AND the amount of allulose in this bar to get your net carbs. (For Example, a bar with 26g carbs - 16g fiber - 8g allulose = 2g net carbs).

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